Caulkie - Innovative Caulk Dispenser for Soft Tube Caulk

Innovative Caulk Dispenser

For Soft Tube Caulk

About Caulkie™ - How to Use the Caulk Dispenser

Back of Package
Caulkie™ Fully Open
Tube Installed on Caulkie™
Caulkie is very simple to use.

  • Hold Caulkie in left hand
  • Slide Cauklie™ top plate backward as shown
  • Insert caulk tube with the bottom slot of the caulk tube over the extended tab on the Caulkie™
  • Slide top plate forward with right thumb
  • To dispense caulk, press down with left thumb, keeping forward ressure with right thumb on the tube of caulk
  • (See Back Panel of Package)



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